The Perfect Accompaniment

Also, the anticipation is twice as great if you share them. Of course, the bride does that with her heart man, of course. But how great would it be if there were someone on the side who was just as excited and excited about the big day with the bride? This person may be you: the maid of honor.

Being chosen as a maid of honor is a great honor. The bride wants you to give her advice and support on all small and large questions, entrusts you with some organizational matters, and wishes you to sit next to her at the registry office and sign your marriage certificate. Wow – you can be proud of that!

In the past, the focus of the maid of honor was actually witnessing the wedding ceremony. Already in the Middle Ages there was this person, who could attest the marriage even with loss of documents. In Germany, it was even mandatory to appoint two witnesses until 1998. In Austria and Switzerland it is still so today, albeit with restrictions. But even if witnessing is no longer so relevant, the maid of honor task has become more extensive nowadays.

Often you are the contact person for all guests when it comes to gifts or program items. Timing in advance and the process on the big day must also be kept in mind. In addition, you are the honest and faithful companion in choosing your wedding dress. A great day that must be celebrated!

But besides all this duty there is of course a free skate! And you can make these completely free. How about a great bachelorette party for the bride? A day with all the lovely girls, chic outfits, creative program and lots of fun. This is something that will be remembered forever and will bring all the girls closer to each other in the run up to the wedding, so that the “little groups” will be broken up at the party.

Depending on the wishes of the bridal couple, you may also have the opportunity to contribute a small program during the celebration or even during the wedding ceremony. A speech, a game or an action for all guests are just a few examples that you can implement.

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It all sounds like a lot of work now, but in fact it is the best opportunity to enjoy and perhaps even intensify your friendship with the bride. You will certainly crush one or the other tears together and then toast with a glass of Prosecco. After all, the most important task for you is to accompany your bride on her way to the “port of marriage” and always be by her side when she needs you!

Take a look at our maids planners – these help you to get through the planning time well and have everything always in view!

I wish you a wonderful time as a maid of honor!