Science vs. Conspiracy

On Tuesday, October 13, a conference on climate change was held at the Pierre Lemaire Community Center. It is the subject of a brief article in the Express of November 2 under this term. Some twenty-five people gathered in a small room to listen to the two speakers on the bill. We are given at the entrance a bibliography entitled “Climate Change or Climate Manipulation”.

Initially, listeners are warned of a two-part presentation. The first speaker makes a presentation, accompanied by statistics and tables, with force and details. He is eloquent and shows a certain mastery of his subject. An excellent reminder for insiders or an exhaustive scenario for the less enthusiastic. The audience listened attentively. We all found our account. Then we go to a short break.

Then comes the second part of the conference. It is led by a young man who says himself from the outset, independent researcher. He admits having a smaller academic background but his personal research compensates. He introduces his subject with difficulty. As soon as he tries to approach a concept, he has to read his notes. He has trouble focusing on a subject. The first speaker during this time seeks somehow the associated file to project on the screen.

After a few minutes, we realize with amazement the object of this second presentation. This speaker wishes first to introduce us to the works of five characters for whom he has great admiration. The latter share a common faith with regard to “chemtrails”. A Hollywood scenario by which an authoritarian force would like to satisfy its power over the world.

As soon as he approaches his first idol, Serge Monast, investigative journalist, three listeners get up and leave the room promptly; not without one of them telling him clearly that they did not come for an esoteric presentation.

For my part, the only motive to stay on the spot until the end of the second presentation was politeness.

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock closes the speaker’s eulogy on his quintet.

This American doctor has developed various theories, which make no consensus in the scientific community. Among other things, he questions the effectiveness of vaccines …

These specialists of a world war against health and a mysterious governance to render humanity slave indignant to me. A subject as serious as the climatic disorder juxtaposed with these conspiracy theories revolts me. While we must fight the climate skeptics who defend their selfish interest, here we are offered in Drummondville a conference stuffed with occultism.

The Pierre-Lemaire community center provides a room for conferences. A spokeswoman informs me that no verification is made beforehand about the subject treated. It seems to me necessary and responsible for a public body to carry out a due diligence.

Central Quebec urgently needs awareness of greenhouse gases and their impact on the human race. Not with an episode of “Game of Thrones” but with a credible and recognized scientific offer.