One of our wedding highlights

Today I wanted to present one of our absolute highlights of the wedding, which we are really looking forward to: the KRUU photo box !

Already relatively early it was clear to us that we definitely wanted to have a photo box for our party, because it offers a great fun factor and is an absolute highlight! It creates spontaneous and crazy pictures and guests can just have fun! In addition, the photos are then as a souvenir of a great celebration.


Photos are printed immediately

What was extremely important to us when choosing a suitable photo box was that the photos would be printed immediately so that the guests could have a nice souvenir and see the photos immediately! In this respect, we have looked mainly for a provider with Druckflatrate.

At the KRUU Fotobox we were able to select in advance from over 100 different designs and provide them with a text. In addition, we were able to determine whether the images should be stored in single or streak print or as a collage and printed out. The single image printout is available for a small surcharge. Thanks to the printer, the photos are printed immediately within 12 seconds !

So that we have the photos but ultimately as a souvenir, all photos are currently still stored on a USB flash drive . KRUU is switching over to a password-protected online gallery over the next few weeks – you can also use your own USB stick on which the photos are stored, and the photos are then also available in the online gallery.

Since we would like to design a photo book of our wedding, it is great that the photos are collected afterwards available! And also one or the other guest wants to have his photos safely in digital form