Napoleon Gala: the 35th edition marked by new categories

Gala Napoleon found a way to reinvent itself for its 35 th edition, including the creation of new categories inspired by current events involving labor, business succession and integration of new workers.



The event, which will be called “E35”, will take place on April 26, 2019 at Cogeco Centerxpo, the Drummond Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCID) has unveiled at a press conference today at the hotel. of town.


The CCID has given a new name and attached a new logo, but especially the organization has announced the creation of new categories that give new impetus to this legendary evening of recognition.

The traditional categories of Industry, Commerce, Services, Recreation and the Female and Male Manager of the Year, which have undergone slight adjustments, are complemented by Self-Employed Worker, Reception and Integration, Good HR Practices, Impact in the Region, and Relève et transfer of businesses.

The “Welcome and Integration” category is for any company or organization that has implemented initiatives to welcome and integrate new employees. The idea is to sensitize employers to share their strategy of welcoming and integrating a workforce with physical or emotional limitations, an immigrant and / or aging workforce.

The “Good HR Practices” category has been created to highlight the efforts and creativity of human resources managers in the ENTERPRISES.



“As the shortage of manpower is currently a major issue, said Nicolas Martel, head of the organizing committee, human resources must use originality and maintain the feeling of belonging to the company on a daily basis. This category wishes to highlight their dedication and hard work. In addition, attention will be paid to initiatives that are applied to ensure the health and happiness of employees at work. “

The “Impact in the Region” category is an acknowledgment to entrepreneurs who are committed to the well-being of the entire community, whether it is volunteer time, financial donations or participation in tables of consultation. It also serves to highlight the environmental initiatives put forward.

It should be noted that, from now on, all categories, with the exception of the “Ambassador” and “Company of the Year” categories, will be the subject of applications.

“Celebrating our successes”



“The Napoleon Gala is a flagship event in our community, it is a celebration of our success and we are all proud of it,” said Yves Grondin, Councilor and Deputy Mayor of the City of Drummondville.

Why the “E35”? Nicolas Martel explained it as follows: The “E” represents the word “Event” because the CCID Gala is the event par excellence for business people in the region. It is the only moment in the year when everyone comes together to recognize the merit of local entrepreneurs, share their successes and make them models of influence in the Drummondville community. It is also for “entrepreneurial excellence”, hence the new slogan that accompanies the logo, “Emphasize entrepreneurial excellence”. The logo is accompanied by the number 35 to mark the year of publication.

The CCID has, however, retained the title of Napoleon which will be awarded to the various recipients in tribute to the founder of the Chamber, Napoleon Garceau.