He assaulted his victim with a hammer and a screwdriver

JUSTICE Because he has sexually assaulted a minor for eight years, sometimes using a hammer and a screwdriver, convicted Drummondville’s Martin Roberge will be sentenced to prison on January 29.

The facts alleged against the resident on Goupil Street in Drummondville took place between January 20, 2000 and January 20, 2008. At the end of the representations on sentence, Judge Gilles Lafrenière decided to send Martin Roberge behind bars until at the time of his sentence, on January 29, at the Courthouse in Drummondville.

A publication ban prevents disclosure of any information that may identify the victim.

“There is talk of a gradation of abuse. It starts with masturbation, there will be oral sex to finally get to the penetration of objects, like a screwdriver and a hammer, to a complete vaginal penetration of Mr. Roberge, “read Me. Vicky Smith of the Crown, when enumerating the facts.

If the victim was crying at the time of the gestures, Martin Roberge attacked her by putting a hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming and placing a hand on her belly. The perpetrator, who will turn 51 in February, has never denied the facts. As an aggravating factor, Mr. Smith noted among other things the significant amount of time and the frequency of assaults.

She also recalled the background of Drummondville who served a prison sentence in Ontario for computer luring and incitement to sexual contact with a minor in 2009 in Toronto.

“This is worrying about the risk of recurrence,” commented Mr. Vicky Smith, when asked by L’Express.

The maximum penalty for such an assault was 10 years in prison at the time of the acts. Smith suggests that Martin Roberge spend the next seven years in the shadows.

“A sentence much too high”

“We must consider in the case that there is only one victim,” said lawyer Martin Roberge, Jasmin Laperle. What my colleague is trying to do is suggest a sentence of seven years, which is clearly too high in my opinion. That’s above what Martin Roberge should receive in a case like this.

Mr. Laperle maintains that at the time of the facts in Drummondville, Martin Roberge did not have a criminal record and that his prison sentence in Ontario should not be considered.

“We must avoid falling into the trap and give a significantly higher penalty,” advised Mr. Laperle Judge Gilles Lafrenière of the Court of Quebec

The present report emphasizes that Martin Roberge is sexually attracted to a woman with the physique of a teenager. In this regard, the fifties would be satisfied by his current spouse, recalled the lawyer of the principal concerned.

“In my opinion, this makes the risk of recidivism moderate,” said Jasmin Laperle before suggesting a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence a little later.

“I’ll take the time to think. The consequences are important. I am not going to give my decision today (Tuesday), but what is certain and certain is that Mr. is going to serve a detention sentence. I will immediately incarcerate, “concluded Judge Gilles Lafrenière.