GARAF and the Issue want to improve communication among young people

EDUCATION. If GARAF, the Wildlife Research and Development Assistance Group, decided to partner with the immersive game Issue, it is with the aim of improving communication between students, one aspect essential in this particular program in environment and conservation of biodiversity of the Jean-Raimbault school.

In recent years, Pablo Desfossés, founder of the GARAF project, and his colleagues have noticed that communication among young people is becoming more and more difficult. As a result, teamwork, a challenge for students in the particular program, is starting to be problematic.

“I do not know why, perhaps because of the technology that is a major part of their lives, but it’s as if young people can not talk to each other, cooperate and resolve their conflicts. For the past four years, we have been trying to improve the situation for the students participating in the GARAF program by our own resources because they have to work as a team regularly. We decided to take the big ways with the issue, “said Pablo Desfossés, a science professor at Jean-Raimbault School.

The GARAF students participated in an escape game, an immersive activity that requires a strong spirit of cooperation. “The band is confined in a room and they have to solve puzzles and missions if they want to succeed the game. Obviously, in order to consolidate their learning, we made a return after the activity. They must also be introspective on their personal and social development, “added Mr. Desfossés. The teacher intends to repeat the experience with his students and improve the formula each year.

GARAF: dive into the concrete

Remember that GARAF, founded 18 years ago, is a school project in which young people are called upon to carry out various actions with environmental benefits and, at the same time, contribute to the advancement of research.

“I see GARAF as a microenterprise that provides environmental services, but” employees “are young people in apprenticeship. We receive real mandates, often from the City of Drummondville or from companies. Students are placed in concrete situations in order to mobilize their learning. Obviously, every term that I accept must, at first glance, have an educational component, “said the founder of the school program.

While GARAF is specific to Jean-Raimbault School, Operation PAJE, a derivative of the program, takes place in several schools of the CSDC and even in the province.