From Request to Yes

YES! – whether under tears of emotion, in a loud cry or whispered quite romantic

This little word usually starts one of life’s most exciting times.

You have just answered the question of all questions

“Do you want to become my wife / my husband?”

With YES.

And since in life often the starting point is identical to the final point, is the common yes-word in the registry office, in the church or at a free wedding the conclusion of an intensive planning time, but above all a time full of anticipation, excitement and infatuation.

In the beginning, your thoughts circle in all directions and you have many crazy ideas about what your wedding and your celebration might look like. The joy of telling the family and friends is huge, and every time the feeling that came with the request comes back up. But then it will eventually become concrete:

Where do we want to celebrate?


When can the party go up? What is there to eat? Which dress suits me? Which motives should the photographer capture? What will the wedding cake taste like? And believe me, there are so many more questions that you can not imagine at the beginning.

But it’s also a time that wraps you together as a couple. Few couples have ever organized such a big party before the wedding. The budget planning is really not without and the whole contracts and deadlines have to be kept in mind. Since good teamwork is required. Always make sure that you do everything together and not one partner outdated the other and is already 5 steps ahead. Because believe me: after the wedding you would wish that the planning time starts all over again. Because with all the stress it is incredibly much fun.

So enjoy this special time and keep pausing and look back, what you’ve already done. Check to see if the celebration takes shape the way you painted it in the very beginning. At the starting point, when you answered YES to the first question.

My personal tip: there are plenty of tools in our shop to keep track of all topics. In addition to the wedding planners for the bride and groom, there are budget planners or even planners for the maid of honor and more! But what do you think of great milestone cards , which are always used when you have successfully completed a point? Make a note of the details on the back or take a picture with the card and both of you. So you also celebrate the planning time and have a great memory box.

I wish you a wonderful time of wedding planning!