GARAF and the Issue want to improve communication among young people

EDUCATION. If GARAF, the Wildlife Research and Development Assistance Group, decided to partner with the immersive game Issue, it is with the aim of improving communication between students, one aspect essential in this particular program in environment and conservation of biodiversity of the Jean-Raimbault school. In recent years, Pablo Desfossés, founder of the GARAF project, […]

Napoleon Gala: the 35th edition marked by new categories

Gala Napoleon found a way to reinvent itself for its 35 th edition, including the creation of new categories inspired by current events involving labor, business succession and integration of new workers.     The event, which will be called “E35”, will take place on April 26, 2019 at Cogeco Centerxpo, the Drummond Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCID) has unveiled […]

He assaulted his victim with a hammer and a screwdriver

JUSTICE Because he has sexually assaulted a minor for eight years, sometimes using a hammer and a screwdriver, convicted Drummondville’s Martin Roberge will be sentenced to prison on January 29. The facts alleged against the resident on Goupil Street in Drummondville took place between January 20, 2000 and January 20, 2008. At the end of […]

One of our wedding highlights

Today I wanted to present one of our absolute highlights of the wedding, which we are really looking forward to: the KRUU photo box ! Already relatively early it was clear to us that we definitely wanted to have a photo box for our party, because it offers a great fun factor and is an […]