5 mantras for personal savings

If you do not have a fifth saved in your pocket, we will tell you 5 mantras for saving that will make you change your mind and start doing it.

In matters of personal finance it is essential to consider saving as a starting point for all our personal purposes and goals. Having it so recorded in the mind will allow us to carry out daily actions until it becomes a habit.

Saving is not optional

Usually people save but only do it when they can or when something is left over, and the next fortnight they needed to complete their expenses, so they take that small savings and the piggy bank is once again in zeros. All people to the extent of our income and expenses have the ability to save.

Saving is part of my life

Saving should be a habit within our lives. Hopefully our parents have taught us since childhood! But if not, it is never too late. Starting from that, I don’t save what I have left over, nor do I spend it at the first opportunity. I include it as part of my budget and assign a fixed percentage, which could be around 10% of my income.

Saving allows me to reach goals

Going on a trip, paying me a master’s degree, having the wedding of my dreams are some of the goals we can meet via savings. We generally live backwards. We reach goals through credit, instead of saving and having what we want without borrowing and without paying excessive interest costs, late fees, penalties or commissions.

Saving lets me live in peace

Saving allows me to have what I can afford. No more no less. And therefore, by freeing myself from debt, I put aside financial stress. Even when we resort to credit because there are goals that only through it can we reach, knowing that we have a savings available that can help us overcome a financial emergency such as the loss of a job, an illness, the death of a close relative , we will help us feel more liberated.

5Saving is my ally in the future

And for the future there is no better ally than savings. Let’s not wait to see who keeps us since we are old men and we don’t have active working life. Let’s do something for our retirement from today that we are productive people, find within our budget areas of opportunity to cut expenses or seek additional income today that we have the impetus and ability to do so, instead of reaching the adult stage waiting for someone to To solve our lives.